Doreen and the boys spent some time on the beach this morning while I got some work done. Sounds like they had a lot of fun, here's an image of them on the beach in Crescent City.

Crescent City beach

After 6hrs of driving we checked into our hotel in Portland this evening then headed to a restaurant called Jade Bistro Teahouse and Patisserie, which I found on Yelp. I had a great bowl of Vietnamese style beef and carrot stew with fresh baguette, thick Vietnamese stews like this one are hard to find. Everybody's food was good and the restaurant menu made me want to come back for multiple visits.

Jade Bistro Teahouse

After dinner we hit The Portland Bottle Shop, just one block down from Jade. I checked out their website while we were waiting for our order at Jade and saw the PBS had Yeti Imperial Stout on tap... uhmmmm yeah! Such a great pint.

Yeti on tap

Nate, the guy running the shop was really knowledgeable about his beers. After discussing my visits to Pizza Port, Alesmith, Firestone Walker and Russian River, he mentioned he'd never had a Pliny the Elder, so I said 'Dude, I grabbed a six pack of Pliny when we were leaving Russian River, you can have one', he was pretty stoked about that and in the end we agreed to do a beer swap. He got the Pliny and I chose a bottle of Southern Tier's Choklat which is supposed to be an insanely chocolatey Imperial Stout and gets super high ratings on

Just before we left, Nate cracked open a bottle of the Elysian Rapture Heather Ale for us to try, it's Elysian's second beer within their 12 beer lineup designated as the '12 beers of the Apocalypse'. These limited edition monthly releases lead up to the 'End of the World according to the Mayan Calendar', the series ends Dec 21st, hopefully the world doesn't end also. I didn't really care for the Rapture Heather Ale as this simply isn't a style of beer I enjoy but I like that Elysian is pushing their experimental creative boundaries. I just hope in all that creativity they stay away from such things as Elysian old shoe marinated in red wine vinegar and mussel shells Imperial Stout.

Time for bed. I wonder what Portland will have in store for us tomorrow, good things no doubt.