Mar 16, 2012

The Lego Empire

More images, less talk...

The Lego fiends only a few steps into the Lego Empire.

Just stepped into the Lego empire

We'd only been there 10mins and this guy kept asking me to join the dark side.


Zooming up a roller coaster.

Who's having the most fun

Even the small kid rides were getting check-marked.

No ride was too small


They love their Lego

There's a fun little aquarium in LegoLand, we spent an hour wandering around in it.

Decent little aquarium

Cool octopus

Moon Jellyfish

Sharks in the background

After 5+ hrs of Lego-schtuff I was ready for some high-quality beer samplers and I knew just where to go.

Pizza Port

Evan set a pretty hard pace on Lego Day 1, here's what happens when you do it big.

Pizza Port samplers, Evan passed out

Once the food arrived the boys got dug in. This was the first pizza.

First pizza

And this was the second pizza.

Second pizza

A 10min drive back to the hotel, a couple of laughs about the day and they were passed out shortly after 2000hrs. It's now 0100hrs and I just finished a bunch of athlete files, some admin and doing some quick research on the route between here and San Francisco. Doreen is flying in to SF on Sunday evening to join us for the last week of the trip and with an 8hr drive between here and the SF airport I'll think about maybe splitting the distance up by leaving here on Sat afternoon after some more LegoLand. So many possibilities between now and Sunday evening and not enough time to do it all.

Tomorrow morning it's back to the Lego mothership for ding, ding, round 2. Ohhhhh, my aching Lego feet.


fuzz said...

Looks like an awesome trip so far! If you can stop at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on your way to SF, you won't be sorry! Cheers

Shaun Taylor said...

I agree Fuzz, we went there nearly 5yrs ago and it was amazing.

John F said...

Lego feet indeed....and after walking from the fountains back down to the Strat no less.

"I would walk 500 miles..."

Shaun Taylor said...

Keegan's still walking like Forrest Gump after that trek up and down The Strip. ;-)