Mar 25, 2012

More Portland

The morning started off right with a visit to the downtown Stumptown Coffee location. I had a nice looking macchiato which suffered from a shot that tasted out of spec, not as good as the shot I had in the same location yesterday. I talked to a couple of the guys and they said it was new burrs causing the problems, bummer.


The upside was diving in to some more Chemex pourovers, between two visits to the downtown location and a visit to the Ace Hotel location, I tasted the Guatemala Finca El Injerto- El Tanque, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado, Bolivia Finca San Ignacio, Rwanda Huye Mountain and Colombia La Piramide.

Chemex action

Entering the Ace Hotel location.

Stumptown Ace Hotel

I tasted nearly everything on this board. The standout point for pretty much every Stumptown coffee I tasted is their ability to promote the sweetness of the cup. Every single coffee on this board is a class act in it's own unique way, Stumptown is doing a great job.

Stumptown's listing

From coffee at Stumptown it was just a few blocks to the Farmers Market, on a sunny day it doesn't get much better.

Snow Cones

The boys got their snow cones, I got a small glass of Rogue's Bitter IPA.

Farmers Market Rogue's Bitter IPA

Lunchtime consisted of some food truck action.

Big Ass Sandwiches are big

After lunch we caught some music at the Farmers Market.

All of us hanging in the park

Then it was onto some more shopping around town, which required a fortifying espresso at Barista, where I got a great shot of Peru Cecovasca.

Coffee at Barista

Off to REI for a while, then a stop in at Deschutes to see what was at the bar, an Obsidian Stout on nitro and an Angler IPA on cask, decent!


Got back to the hotel and I was hungry so I jogged over to a nearby restaurant and made it just before they closed up shop. I got a Pakistani Beef Nihari to go, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great, I had better Nihari when I was travelling through Pakistan. For sure it was a better option than going to the Subway across the street.

On the road tomorrow, heading back to Rossland. Sad to leave the coffee, beer and food scene behind us but it's going to be good to get back to the mountains.


John F said...

Very nice trip....I'd like to do it myself minus the Leggos.

Shaun Taylor said...

The San Fran and Portland piece would have you in boutique beer and coffee central.