Do you ride a bike?

If you answered yes, you can continue reading. If you answered no, you should stop reading any further and think about why you don't ride a bike and when you finally realize you are going to start riding a bike you can continue reading.

As a public service I'm offering the first in a series of race tips. This first race tip deals with the dreaded... Flat Tire.

Race Tip #1

- Bikes work on a scientific principle called 'rolling on tires'.
- Tires occasionally get poked by sharp objects.
- This can create a simple cause and effect chain of events called 'fixing a flat tire'.
- To fix a flat tire you require 'bike stuff', things like a tire lever and spare tube as a minimum.
- Riding your bike one-handed while holding bike stuff in the other hand is hard.
- Trying to race one-handed is especially hard if you are racing on a root and rock filled course.
- Why race one-handed?
- There is a solution...

Backcountry Research deal

Go here:

Then click on the handsome fellow.

Then order some stuff - at a minimum you want a strap capable of securing some 'bike stuff' to your bike. I suggest you order the Back Forty Strap, I've been using variations of that awesome strap for over 3yrs and I don't leave home without it.

You can thank me later, go order a strap.


Andrew said...

Ha, I knew this post was coming. I've actually been waiting for their store to reopen to order some straps for OC. Think I'm gonna get a Race and put the goods under the saddle. Might get the Race/Back 40/Tülbag combo to have some options. Ne'er tried any of them.

Shaun Taylor said...

Hahaha, yeah I couldn't resist.

Hard to go wrong with the Back Forty, I love that solution.