It's been a while since I had the GoPro HD out on the trails so I got it out yesterday to capture some early season riding here in Rossland. Things are drying out really quick and several of the trails are in awesome shape with no traces of snow. So good to be back on dirt! I rode for nearly 3hrs and got in 4,500' vert gain, so much fun!!

If you want better quality video, click on the little cog symbol and select 720HD.

Here's a quick run on Cemetary trail (yes, I know the correct spelling is Cemetery).

And here's the other part of Cemetary after the phone call.

Then on to a fun little trail across the highway from the Cemetary trail exit point. This trail is called Bones, you have to keep your eyes open to find the trail entrance but it's worth it for some fun and fast descending.

This video is from the next lap, I was flowing down Rogers trail and came up behind another rider fairly quickly, as soon as he heard me back there he punched the gas pedal. He was working hard to drop me or it might just have been a strange coincidence that as I pulled up close to his wheel he simply reached the spot on the trail that he always hammers as hard as he can. Either way, I like this guy (whoever he is) as he was bringing some game. I decided to crank it up a notch to see if he wanted to join in the fun but I never saw him again.


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