Apr 11, 2012

Orbea... in 'da house

That's right, there's a new bike in the house and it's the Orbea 29 S Team. Booyah!

Is that an Orbea?

You know that old Batman footage where him and Robin are fighting with a handful of bad guys? In those scenes it was a lot of stuff like Pow! Blam! Kapow! Whamm! the noises that every young kid in my generation associated with 'taking care of business'. As I pulled my new Orbea 29 S Team frame out of the packing box I'm pretty sure I heard a Pow! noise and I had a good feeling that business was going to be taken care of.


Darth Orbea


Backcountry Research new position


Alma 29 S Team in Rossland


Alma 29 on dirt

Jumping onto a new bike is jumping onto the unknown. That new bike might look good in a showroom but there's no assurances it will ride as good as it looks. After two weeks of riding (abusing) this 29 S Team I feel pretty comfortable saying this bike can take care of business.

I've done 25,000' vertical gain on the S Team over the last 14 days under some horrible conditions and it has performed like a champ. The bike is a climbers dream with it's overbuilt BB30 area and the huge downtube, a carbon monocoque design with the super stiff 4 x 4 system. There's science that went into this bike that I don't know much about, what I do know is all that thought and technology produced a fantastic frame and it's obvious as soon as you start hammering on the pedals. I haven't babied this bike at all, I've been working it over trying to make it complain or even surrender but it doesn't even flinch, which makes me want to hammer on it even harder. It's been a ridiculous amount of fun.

The images off my Android don't do the bike justice, it's a good looking bike (when it's clean) and in order to get a sense of what it can look like and the story behind it you should go check it out here:


How much do I like this frame? Enough that I'm getting another 29 S Team in less than two weeks which will allow me to have the two Orbea's at my 24hr Solo races. The only difference being that the soon to arrive setup will be a white frame instead of black.

Orbea 29 S Team

I think the white looks really sharp, maybe even sharper looking than the black, but I do have a weak spot for all things black. Speaking of all things black... one of my athletes sent me this image a couple of weeks ago and it made me laugh out loud, really loud. He superimposed my racing face (and crazy looking BCBR clear lens sunglasses) onto Darth Vaders image. I like it! Darth Taylor riding my Darth Orbea.