The trails are drying up more and more each day and they are in great condition at the moment. It's soooooo fun to be ripping down this stuff. Having received my second Orbea Alma 29 S Team at the end of last week I was keen to swap some parts, build it up and get on with testing the setup.

Orbea parts swap

New to me with this bike is the tapered 100mm SID WC Dual Air 29 with the 15mm Maxle light. It's turning out to be a fantastic setup for the Orbea. On my black Alma 29 S Team I've been running either the rigid carbon fork or the Fox Terralogic (non tapered), the Terralogic doesn't feel as nice as this SID WC.

I'm not that fussy about how my bikes look but I gotta say this second Team frame is SHARP looking! I really like the colours compared to the black frame and I'm a black frame kinda guy, this white and blue scheme looks good!! If I had to choose between the two I would go with the white and blue frame every time.

Ready to dive into the trail

I spent yesterday ripping around on the trails dialing in the fit. The Orbea is performing flawlessly so it was just a matter of learning the new SID WC. As always these videos are best watched at 720HD if you have a good Internet feed. Here's the SID WC in 'open mode'...

And here it is in the 'semi-open' mode, which is kind of like a Fox Terralogic response with a gated lockout that blows through when you start hitting big bumps...

With all that stuff figured out on the weekend it was fun to head out on the trails this morning for some easy effort uphill riding with some of the local guys. Easy for me since I'm on sub-19lb singlespeed hardtail and they were all on big bikes. As a group we rode up to the top of KC Ridge and enjoyed the view of Rossland and the mountains in the background.

On top of KC Ridge

Then it was on to descending down the fun and steep black diamond singletrack, which led on to the Back of KC and moved on towards Milky Way. Then up Green Door, across Rogers, down Cemetery and out onto the highway where I had to bid them adieu since they were heading off to do Whiskey and I'm trying to go easy for the next few days because of a 6hr race this weekend.

When I said steep singletrack I meant it, you can see the nose of my saddle popping into view on several occasions in this video, that's because I've got my butt hanging way behind my saddle and my center of gravity as low as possible so I don't flip over my handlebars on the rocky drops. The S Team is capable of riding this steep and tricky stuff faster than you see in the video but I was easing back the throttle quite a bit as I didn't want to take unnecessary risks because of the upcoming race.

Ripping down Milky Way is always fun.

Last part of the trail with the b-day boy.

Loving the trails, loving the bike.