Jul 16, 2012

A quick catchup

Things have been busy over the last couple of weeks. At the start of the month we packed up the rental house at the base of Red Mountain and moved into our new house in Rossland. It's been a year of waiting so it's good to finally move in, even if it's just a temporary occupancy permit.

There are lots of boxes to unpack and I'm finding stuff from a over a year ago, just the other day I exclaimed 'Hey, that's where those pedals where!', every day is a packing box surprise.

Overall the house has a number of deficiencies to sort out before final occupancy is permitted. There are some issues inside but I think they are all fixable, same goes for the exterior of the house. Right now they are working on prepping the driveway for pouring, sure would be nice to see that go in before I leave town on Thursday. Looking out all the windows the exterior grading and lot complete is basically just dirt but at least it's our dirt, not rental dirt. ;-)

Since it's late, rather than ramble on about all kinds of stuff I'm just going to post up some random images captured by my Android...

Trying to squeeze in rides whenever I can, however I can.

Sunny ride with the boys

July brought some golden rays on a neighbours back deck.

Awesome coriander and orange wheat beer

Creativity in the cooking department is mandatory since we still don't have the gas stove hooked up. That's right, eggs on the BBQ.

Omelette on the bbq

Fun group rides with views.

Fun group ride to the top of Red Mtn

Solo rides with views.

Start of KC Ridge trail

Tech rides.

Rory making his way up some tech

10hrs of singletrack on the weekend with Scott rides (along with mandatory beer and steaks on the back deck).

Steaks on the back deck after a 5hr ride

Talking to my Orbea Alma 29'er rides.

Almost at the top

Riding until we hit snow rides (top of the 1st Mtn Pass on Seven Summits).

Snow at the top of Seven Summits.

The mandatory smile for the camera moment after descending 2,000 vertical feet kinda rides.

End of the ride

Doreen flies out in the morning for a week long course in Ontario. I'll be spending the next couple of days organizing the house some more and then I'll be packing up the boys and heading towards Alberta for my next 24hr Solo on the 21st. I'm going to meet up with Jay and Irene in Canmore on the 20th as they are taking the boys to their cottage and the lake for a week. Wow, only 5 days until race day.

With Doreen being in another province and the boys camping at a lake, it looks like I'll be on my own until the 26th when I pick up the boys from Jay and Irene and head back to Rossland. I don't have any plans after the race finishes on Sunday. Anybody in Alberta want to look after me for a few days? I'm low maintenance, house broken and easy to get along with. I even come with my own coffee. ;-)