Sep 15, 2012

September fun

Been having a great September here in Rossland and we are only halfway through the month. Here's a quick update on what's what, without too much detail and in no particular order.

A couple of weekends ago I got to do the Seven Summits Poker Ride, a really well organized non-race event. I started the ride from our house and headed up to the North Trailhead, eventually hooking up with over 100 people who were also riding the Seven Summits, having fun, drinking beers and eating BBQ. We got perfect weather (bonus!) and I can't think of a way to improve on that day.

Bobby K and family dropped in to visit on their way to Vancouver Island. I put Bob on one of my singlespeed Orbea S Team rigs and set him up with an old helmet, shoes, gloves, jersey and bibs and took him up to Larch Ridge/Monticola where he had a blast.

Taking Bob for a ride

Scott and Lisa came into town for some riding/running. Always fun to ride with Scott. A few days after this ride I got a text from Scott, who was on morphine, to say he had crashed on his bike and broken a couple of ribs. Bummer! With no riding for a few more weeks he can work on his chess game as Evan wants a rematch.

Ride with Scottie

What else is going on? Well, there's a shiny new kegerator sitting in the garage courtesy of Trail Brewing. An IPA on one tap and a Hefeweizen on the other tap. No empties, no recycling, just fresh hand-crafted beers in 5 gallon kegs sitting inside the kegerator.


Trail Brewing kegerator

On the racing front, I got some podium action last weekend at the Super D race which was held on the Larch Ridge/Monticola track again. The course was fast and I finished with a time of approx 16:17, better than last year's time and still loads of fun (in a blurry vision kinda way).


That same weekend the boys got to race in the kids pump track race.

Evan on pump track

Keegan also did the 1km kids running race, not sure why he thought he was in a starting block, maybe a little too much Olympics viewing?

Keegan at the start line

I've been getting out on the Tuesday night shop rides which are a lot of fun. A good bunch of guys who can keep the hammer down when it's required. Here's a shot from a newish trail we rode on Tuesday called 'Dirt Nap', kind of like a West Coast/North Shore influence with a Rossland twist. The image doesn't do it justice, the entry into this stunt is... steep.

How about this crazy little stunt

Sadly the daylight on the shop rides is getting shorter but it just makes the riding scenery all the more dramatic.

Normal riding scenery

Coffee has been great over the last few weeks. Lots of fantastic green beans in my inventory that are fun to roast. This coffee (drank just before an afternoon ride) is a Nicaraguan nanolot that I should have bought more of.

Mid-afternoon latte

I took this photo today just before heading out for a ride. I really pushed this Maxxis Ikon EXO 2.2 to the edge of destruction. There were two more spots on the tire where I could see underlying threads just like this, I think I got my money's worth. This is the same rear tire that I rode the Seven Summits on, sketchy!

Death of a tire

Once the tire was swapped out I got out for a couple of hours and managed to hit 'The Luge' again. It's a brand new trail that's still getting bedded in. It's steep in some sections and this image doesn't show it well but if you fell off your bike in this spot you would tumble out of sight.

The Luge

On the ride back I stopped at Brent's place to catch-up on how his training is going for Sufferfest at the end of the month. He's looking fit and I hope he has a good 45km race. I'm signed up for the Sufferfest 100km race and then hope to jump in on the 45km race which will have started by the time I get across the 100km finish line, it will be hard but fun. Doreen has been training for the 25km run at Sufferfest (yay Doreen!), hope her podium prize is a new rear tire, hahaha. The boys are on for the kids bike race as well, it should be a good weekend in Kaslo!