Dec 13, 2012

Quick images

Here's a quick imagery post to get back up to speed on what's been going on recently.

AMEC Halloween bowling party.

Halloween bowling party

Halloween Bowling 700px

Some community painting (everyone adds their own little bit to the painting) at Rossland Arts.

Rossland arts

Somebody had a birthday.

Evans birthday cake

Waiting for cake

Some coffee.

Tasty shot

And some more coffee (preinfusion).


A new batch of Singlespeed IPA.

Singlespeed IPA

Some dental work.

Tooth removal

Lapsang Souchong.

Lapsang Souchong

The last of my Pliny the Elder.

Last Pliny the Elder

My world famous (if you ask the boys) pumpkin pie.

blueberry pumpkin pie

Single origin chocolate tasting/assessing with the boys.

chocolate cupping

Dragon Tears green tea.

Dragon Tears green tea

Opening day on Red Mountain.

First day of the season

A cold day on Red Mountain.

Frosty mountain day

Consider yourself caught up. ;-)