I've been busy trying to squeeze in some training hours this week. Lots of day and night riding in the cold and snow. Here's an example of what's been going on, along with an update (during the audio portion of this video) for the rest of the weekend. Sorry about the brake squeal, it's what you get when you combine wet and icy cold rotors.

It's not all smooth sailing, fast snowy descents can get you in trouble. I had my head fully plunged into the snow and had to blow snow out of my nostrils to breath.

Just one more hour of trainer time tonight and I'll be sitting at nearly 16hrs since Tuesday. Lots of vertical gain and cold temps have worn me down a bit, I'm looking forward to a day off on Monday.

Keegan and Evan are having a good time this weekend during the Rossland Winter Carnival. Today they were racing in a street ski race event, both of them did great considering they were racing on borrowed skate skis instead of using their own cross country skis. They were racing together as a two-kid team, lots of fun to watch and cheer.

Evan with the game face and Keegan EXCITED. ;-)

Excited about racing

Tomorrow should be another good day for the boys, they are both racing in the John Heintz Cup. Keegan is going to be on a 5 kid team, he's going to be doing the bike portion. Evan is going to be racing it Solo and I'm going to race alongside Evan to cheer him on and help him with the transitions between the various portions of the race. You can learn more about the event here:


I'll take my GoPro camera along to get some video of the excitement!

Doreen is hitting the resort tomorrow morning with her new alpine setup. She went with a pair of Blizzard Sambas and the Marker F10 Tour AT binding to match up with her Tecnica Cochise W100 boots. Looks like a slick system, pretty soon we'll be trying to keep up with her in the trees.