Jan 7, 2013

January 7th update

Here's some more visual on what's been happening around here...

We got some snow.


And then we got some more snow.

Looking good

And then we got some more snow.

21cms of fresh powder

And even more snow.


How much snow is too much snow? Apparently 40cms overnight was too much for my old telemark skis and bindings. The binding nose piece blew up into several chunks after a sharp carving turn.

Black Diamond binding blew up

And I did a couple of somersaults down the mountain as I tried to figure out what was going on. Somehow Doreen got me to smile immediately after the event but I wasn't smiling inside as I tried to ski down a single black diamond run with only one ski.

Black Diamond fail

With the boys out of school and us wanting to ski every day during Christmas holidays I scrambled to find a replacement setup. Kapow! The DPS Wailer 112RP Hybrids with Hammerhead bindings.

DPS Wailer 112RP



Christmas Day spent on the hill.

Christmas day at Red

Unfortunately, Doreen took a tumble and strained a back muscle which required a few days off, bummer. Luckily the boys were game.

Red Mountain goodness

We skied in the sunshine.


In the trees.

Tree time

Laughed on the chairlift.


More warm sun.

Day 16

Sometimes cold.

Cold on the mountain

Doreen's back healed up and she joined us again.

Sunny trees

Pretty soon the boys were comfortable on the double black runs.

Day 19

And getting better at working through the harder trees.

Day 20

It hasn't been all mountain skiing. The boys did some XC ski racing.

Keegan on the start line

With jellybeans as the prize.

Keegan racing

Everyone knows jellybeans will make kids hammer towards the podium. Both boys podiumed each day during a two day race event. Jellybeans!

1st place

Overall it was a great holiday spent together as a family, and also with friends, in the mountains, and in our house for dinners and drinks. A good ending to 2012 and a good start to 2013.

The boys went back to school this morning. I almost held them back as we got a fresh 20cm dump overnight, I knew the mountain would be awesome and they do love fresh powder. Eventually I decided they should attend the first day of the school year but since I'm not in elementary school anymore I headed to the hill by myself. ;-)

Two hours of magical Telemark skiing on fresh lines and my legs (already frazzled from yesterday) officially called it quits. That was Day 21 of Tele on the resort this season and it was a million dollar morning. Do you think there was any snow shooting over my head?


What's coming up over the next few weeks? More of the same. And I might try to squeeze in a little bit of riding, now that I've secured a Solo Singlespeed race spot at the 24hrs of Old Pueblo in 6wks. ;-)

24hrs of Old Pueblo