People ask me what lights I use for night riding/racing. I've been using Dinotte products for a few years, I like them a lot. The Dinotte in this video is called the XML-3, it uses three of the CREE-XML LED's and puts out approx 1000 lumens on its highest setting. It's a really light package with a small footprint, perfect for helmet mounted racing.

This video was shot an hour ago using my Android phone, the video doesn't display how really bright this light is but the video does a decent job of showing the difference between the three light settings.

You can learn more about the light here:

In case anyone is wondering, Dinotte didn't pay me to do this, the video is for all those racers/people who ask about my light system. Hopefully it helps.

In the video I mentioned how I know the trail really well and I'm quite comfortable bombing around on it in the middle of the night but on occasion I get a bit off track... like I did yesterday. ;-)

Whether it's daytime or nighttime, blasting down a tight hard packed snowy trail is soooooo much fun.

Good times