Today was the John Heintz Cup, what a great day! I got the pleasure of accompanying Evan while he raced SUPER HARD as a Solo racer. It took him 46 minutes to complete the event which I thought was really good considering he lost time to all the transition points. The average time for the 5 kid teams was around 35 minutes and as you will see in the video, it takes time for Solo racers to swap between the various disciplines. I didn't help him do any of the physical stuff, I was just there to help pull off boots and put on other boots, make sure he was ok and coach the best out of him. He stepped up, all by himself.

To watch our 9yr old dig deep and suffer, then dig deeper and suffer some more, in a continuing loop of dig and suffer... was really inspiring. Gritty determination and solid work ethic helped him push through the tough parts near the end of the race. It was so good to race next to him and watch it unfold, I couldn't have been prouder.

Here's the video I shot during the race, I had to chop a pile of footage out to keep the length below the YouTube restrictions, so just imagine this going on for 46 minutes. ;-)

I know it isn't a very good editing job but I had too many other things to do this evening so this only got half my attention. It should give you an idea of what happened during the event.

As you saw in the video, I didn't record much of the running portion of the race, just imagine a lot of this...

Great race for Evan

Don't let that last photo freak you out, kids are tough and they can go hard when they want to/need to. Here's a shot taken 10 minutes after he completed the race, hot chocolate will solve most things.


Lots of participants, especially kids teams which was nice to see.

Awards ceremony

All of Evan's hard work paid off as he got up on the podium with Jojo, a female Solo racer who is only 7yrs old. Seven Years Old... how awesome is that?!?! Here's a fun little video.

Podium time

Keegan got in on the action with a 5 kid team, he was responsible for the biking portion and of course he had lots of fun. He's thinking of doing it Solo next year, I hope he does. Here's one of him on the podium with some teammates.

Keegan on the podium

Ultimately, it's all about them enjoying the moment. And they did.

Happy kids