It's been cold here for the last few days, well cold for Rossland. We were up on the mountain yesterday and it was -13C which isn't common but it was a nice sunny day so it made for some great skiing.

Cold but good

Today it was -17C so we decided it was a no-go for the mountain and basically relaxed at home for the morning. In the afternoon, Doreen and the boys went up to Blackjack for a couple of hours of XC skiing while I got out and rode my bike.

I ended up making my way to Blackjack and Evan wanted to show me a trick he was working on. As always, the videos are better if you click on a higher resolution.

The next one went a bit better.

The trails were cold today and it was pretty narrow riding, here's the start of Moe's trail.

This one is longer and finishes off Moe's trail and gets into town. For anyone worried about the speeds I'm doing on the road, don't worry the Ice Spiker Pro's are great traction in winter and I'm quite used to them.