Feb 11, 2013

Less than 5 days...

Things are pretty normal around here right now, the boys and Doreen have been getting in some cross country skiing up at Blackjack and we have been hitting the mountain for some downhill. Here's a quick photo update of the last few days.

Doreen and Keegan cross country skiing up to Gibbards Cabin.

Gibbards cabin

The boys and I hitting a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant.

Chico Rancho

Sunny day on the mountain.

So goood

The boys baking some cookies with Doreen.

Cookie boys

Wednesday night I drive down to the Spokane International airport, to sleep in the back of the Pilot, so I can catch an early flight to Tucson for the 24hrs of Old Pueblo race. I'm going to be hooking up with Dave Franks and Julie Kelly who are also going to be racing in the Solo category, maybe some repeat fun like last October?

I haven't had much time to train and with the snow conditions up here there has been a lot of this:


And this:


And to ease some of the suffering there has been a bit of this:

Great post ride beer

I'm really looking forward to this upcoming week; getting back on some dirt, racing against some tough N. American competition and having a lot of laughs with like-minded athletes who are friends. Let the countdown begin...