Apr 27, 2013

Riding season

Looking at my last blog post it's hard to believe we were skiing just over a month ago. Since then I've been riding more and more singletrack as the trails open up here in Rossland. As most of you know, I ride pretty much all year long; when the snow starts falling in November I ride through it, in the darkest parts of winter I ride through it, when the Spring melt-off hits I ride through the freezing slush and keep reminding myself that eventually there will be dirt again.

Well the dirt is here, and it is good. I've been hitting the trails pretty hard over the last month or so and having lots of fun. I've got great fitness at the moment and multi-hour singletrack rides are no big deal. That all changed today when I ended up in Emergency this afternoon after a stupid accident. The prognosis is a minor tear of my left bicep tendon, and I'm supposed to stay off the bike for a week. Further to that, considering I rely on a lot of upper body strength and reefing hard on my handlebars is necessary to race my singlespeed hardtail, I might have to take a pass on the 6hr race coming up in two weeks. Uugh! It's hard to race a bike with a bad left arm. I'm pretty stubborn though, so I'm telling myself I'll probably do the race, even though typing that sentence out is hurting my bicep.

If I don't get to do the 6hr in two weeks, I'm sure I'll be ok for the 24hr in four weeks. There's gonna be some kind of racing in May, even if I have to do it on a unicycle.

Till the next update, here's some video I shot on the local trails. This first video shows the early conditions on Cemetery, shot nearly 3wks ago. You have to watch this one in high definition as things are moving pretty quickly.

This next video was shot a couple of days ago and follows Keegan down a trail called Rogers, it's a fairly rocky and technical trail for an 8yr old on a new bike, he did great. As you will hear throughout the video, it's hard to stop a coach from coaching.

This last video follows Evan down Cemetery, which is further on in the same ride seen above. Evan has a nice flowy style that is heavily influenced by riding a lot with a certain singlespeed racing dad. He's still got quite a few things to learn but overall he's pretty fast for a 9yr old, and it's fun to watch his style develop.

I'm gonna sign off here. I still have lots to talk about but instead of typing (which hurts), I'm going to test a theory that quality IPA's have magical healing properties. I'll be sure to drink the IPA's with my right bicep.


Anonymous said...

The boys do amazing. They have progressed so much this last year. Nice to be able to do so much with your boys! RD

John F said...

Getting hurt is super annoying!!