May 21, 2013

Salty Dog 2013

I just finished writing out a long detailed race report from the Salty Dog 6hr race last weekend. It was entertaining, witty and it had me laughing as I wrote it. 30mins of effort, and as I got ready to hit publish, it vanished into thin (cyberspace) air and I was left with nothing but a blank page. Pretty sure I'm not going to spend another 30mins re-writing the report, so here's the condensed version...

I went to Salmon Arm to do a 6hr race. I felt strong, my Orbea Alma 29'er was performing like a champ. Things were going well, until my seatpost broke 13 minutes into the race.

Seatpost clamp

I continued racing the first lap without a seatpost/saddle. When I finished the lap I began running around the pit/mechanical area looking for a solution to my broken seatpost.

No seatpost racing

I never did source out a solution after that first lap, so I got back on my bike and began racing again without a saddle. The rest of the day unfolded like this... Embrace the grind of no-saddle racing. At the end of every lap run around trying to source a solution. Fail to find a solution. Go out to race another lap. Repeat that process over and over.

Missing saddle

Racing that long without a saddle hurt, a lot, for all kinds of reasons. I was frazzled by the end of the day and my recently acquired bicep tendon tear was throbbing. Uugh.

Luckily, there's nothing that Poutine can't cure.

Super Spuds

And the magical healing properties of a mini-keg Crannog Ales IPA helped improve the outlook.

Crannog Ales

I'm still shaking my head about racing that long without a saddle. At least I won my category 'Expert Class Singlespeed Hardtail (no-saddle)', sadly I didn't receive a medal, or a free therapy session.

Next up, a 24hr Solo in 5 days. ;-)