Here's a video of Evan and Keegan getting out on Larry's trail a few days ago. To ride this trail we jumped on the bikes at our house and rode up to the trail network on Red Mountain, the route had the boys doing approx 750' vert gain in 34 minutes of riding. A real good vertical ascent rate for a couple of young boys on 24" hardtail mountain bikes. They were glad when we finally reached our peak elevation so they could flow back down through the various trail networks leading to our house.

Larry's trail video

Evan is almost zero maintenance now, he knows how to flow through lines and it's a joy to watch him intuitively move through the trails. Keegan has come a long way since earlier this year and he's showing improvement on every ride. Of course it helps that I'm constantly on his wheel coaching him, but the coaching aspect is only a small portion of his gains, he's had to earn all of those improvements by working hard and paying attention to what he's doing. Maybe next year he'll be giving me riding tips? ;-)

As always, this is best watched in High Definition.