Hopped on my Alma and headed out for a great ride with Brent this afternoon. Weather was perfect and the trails are in amazing shape. Brent has crossed over to The Dark Side this season... he's embraced the grind of singlespeeding. Because he's looking strong on the bike we managed to cover the terrain pretty fast, a tasty 2000' vert gain accompanied by some sweet flowy trails in less than 90 mins. Here's some GoPro footage just after we topped-out on Larch Ridge. I know the video looks a bit hectic at times, quite possible because we are moving reasonably fast. ;-)

For all the budding singlespeeders out there, pay attention to Brent's pumping action (or mine) as he moved down the trail, this becomes more obvious in the flowy section on the Montecola trail at approx the 5 min mark. As always, this is best watched in High Definition 1080P.

Here's a short clip of us riding through COG, another fun swoopy section.

Heading back to town was almost as fun as swooping the trails, we couldn't wipe the silly grins off our faces. Another million dollar day.

Creek crossing