Iain from Austin, TX is visiting us for a few days, he's here to do some riding and to soak in the Rossland lifestyle. Last time he hung out at our place we were still living in Calgary and he was prepping for Worlds 24 Solo. Now he's starting the prep for next year's Tour Divide (you know that little race that starts in Banff and follows the Continental Divide right down to the Mexican border, just over 4,400kms of riding and completely self-supported).

I've been touring him around the trail system for the last three days and he's loving it. We've already ridden a bunch of awesome dirt and there's lots more to come.

Iain on Milky Way

Today we hit some sweet trails, including Milky Way and Full Monte. I shot some video of Iain on the trails, and though I know the chest mount GoPro makes the riding look easy and not particularly steep, if you pay attention you will see my saddle pop into the camera view quite a few times on the Full Monte ride... when my chest is behind the saddle that usually means it's steep. Most of the steeper stuff occurs towards the back end of the video, till that point it's a lot of tech movement leading up to the steep stuff.

As always, these are best viewed in 1080P HD:


Johnny said...

That is awesome! I sure miss those trails.

George said...

Shaun....give my best regards to Iain....I like the young man and he sure is a fierce competitor.

Shaun Taylor said...

Will do, George.