Jul 24, 2013

The Plewman Trail

Tuesday shop ride, always a good time. This week we shuttled from Revolution Cycles up to the North Trailhead of the Seven Summits and then began the ride up to the top of the mountain range. It was a beautiful evening in the mountains. As if that wasn't enough, I got led down a nice clean run on Plewman Trail, a trail I've never done before. To get to Plewman you first have to do some climbing.

As always, these are best watched in 1080 HD.

Some fast movement along the ridge, check out those amazing views. To get a better sense of how fast Tyler is moving along pieces of that ridge section, mark a spot on the trail as he passes a rock or tree and then count off the seconds on how far back I am, I'm typically only three seconds behind and we are covering a lot of ground in those three seconds... he was moving pretty quick.

Heading down Plewman.

Some challenging and steep lines (on a singlespeed hardtail).

A piece of the last section on the Plewman. More steep and tire swallowing lines in the last of the evening light.

The remainder of the ride took us down a secret (yet to be named) trail courtesy of Tyler. On to Gibbards, then The Luge, and finally back to the Blackjack parking lot for a post ride beer. Another million dollar day.

Post ride beer


Antonio said...

Chunky! Lots of derraileur killers. I guess you don't have to worry about that.

Shaun Taylor said...

All the more reason for you to come over to the SS side. ;-)

CavemanGreg said...

How far is Sandpoint, ID to you guys? Going to be up that way soon.

Shaun Taylor said...

Google Maps is telling me it's approx 3hrs of driving. Drop me a line if you get serious about hitting our 'hood.

Dave said...

I want in on that action!

Shaun Taylor said...

Hahaha, officially in.

Iain Hackett said...

Oh yeah!! I'm gonna have to get me some of that when I'm back in town :)

Shaun Taylor said...

Do it!