Simple fact - I like to put the hurt on myself by hammering my bike on the Rossland trails. Not everyone thinks that this kind of suffering is fun, and that's why I do a lot of riding by myself. I don't make any apologies or excuses, quite simply, I like moving fast up or down the trail.

When I'm by myself, that level of exertion acts as a form of meditation. I can empty my mind and be in the moment as I flow through the trail with my only focus being the variables in front of me. It's fun, it clears my head, and throws me a healthy dose of endorphins.

As much as I enjoy riding by myself, it's equally as fun to ride with other guys who can tear down the trail and that's what the Tuesday night shop ride is all about. Leaving from Revolution Cycle at 1730hrs, it's a mixed bag of attendees depending on who's around town that week. Typically the attendance is 3-5 riders, though it can go as big as 8-10. Most of them have been riding these trails for years and have high-level handling abilities, i.e. they can shred the gnar. ;-)

I look forward to the shop ride, every week is a different mix of trails and every week is a blast. To me, the soul of mountain biking is getting out with some buddies and tearing down a trail, then clinking a beer glass at the end of the ride. And that's exactly what we do on most shop rides. This week we did Drakes, Doukhobor Draw, Tamarack, Whiskey and then the Rail Grade back into town. A fun route with a tricky (on a singlespeed hardtail) challenge in the form of the single black diamond Whiskey trail. There are some rock drops and rock faces on Whiskey that mess with my head. My Orbea Alma geometry isn't well suited to these kinds of steeps, plus I never lower my seatpost even on the steepest stuff, plus (insert all kinds of lame excuses)... so with all those excuses out of the way the main reason I don't do the Whiskey Trail often is because of the higher potential to take a steep fall out in the middle of nowhere by myself. Hitting the Whiskey trail with other riders last night was awesome. It's such a fun trail, I really must get out and hit it again in the next couple of weeks.

Now for some videos from the ride, in attendance we had Dave, Dave, Tyler, Iain and Stewart. Somehow I managed to bust a spoke on this ride, which hasn't happened in quite a few years, so the first video is less than inspiring. As always, these are best watched in 1080P.

Here's some footage of me taking a spill on Whiskey, I made a poor line choice and paid the price by doing a complete somersault. I didn't get banged up too much, just twisted my bars a bit which I noticed after jumping back on the bike and riding it for a few seconds.

Here's some footage about halfway down the trail, for most of the Whiskey trail everyone was riding approx 30 seconds apart to get clean runs in.

Here's some footage towards the end of the trail. No, I'm not talking to myself at the start of the video, I was taking an incoming call on my cellphone earbud while trying to get some air on a sweet line of dirt. ;-)

Like I said, another great shop ride... another million dollar day.