I've been having a few laughs this morning, courtesy of John, Dave and Julie as we all sort out some race travel details for the next 24hr Solo. I just challenged John and Dave to a moustache growing competition ala' the Beastie Boys Sabotage video, we'll see if they have moustache game when they show up to toe the line in Texas. Will Dave grow his upside down? Will John show up with a 16yr old boys pencil thin fluff? Better start working on it now boys.

Oct 19th is the date for the 24hrs of Rocky Hill Ranch, it will be my 24th race of that particular style of racing. Anything 6hrs or longer is good for me, but I particularly enjoy the 24hr Solo events. Over the years it has become 'my thing', I look forward to them. There is suffering involved, that's guaranteed, but suffering is always easier when it's shared with friends. So that's why I'm looking forward to toeing the line at this race with seven of my 24hr Solo athletes. It's going to be a great time.

The Texas race is still far enough on the calendar that I can have some fun riding around on my local Rossland trails, and casually prepare for a 6hr race in less than two weeks. We've had some rain over the last few days and it has turned the singletrack into thin ribbons of awesomeness... lovely. It's perfect riding right now. Here's a shot looking down past my Orbea Alma and into a corner on Pale Ale.

Having fun bombing down Pale Ale.

Shortly after that corner I picked up a flat, near a handy tire stand.

And then I got a flat.

I really like my Maxxis tires, sadly they aren't invincible and this one had seen far too many Seven Summits assaults. I figure this tire cost me approximately 20 cents per hour, a small price to pay for a gajillion dollars worth of fun.

Maxxis tires are great, too bad they aren't superhero invincible.

It's a beautiful day out there right now, I'm off for a ride.


Anonymous said...

My money is on Shaun! He can sure grow them!

Anonymous said...

My money is on Shaun! He can sure grow them!