Nov 20, 2013


It's been a busy few weeks since I headed down to Texas to race, now it's time to chip away at updates on the blog. I'll save the racing post, and the Ireland trip for later this week, for now I'm going to touch on a tough subject...

Pico was our family pet, and she had been with us for over 10yrs. She was an amazing Black Lab who lived a full life, and brought us lots of joy. Sadly, her health had been deteriorating for some time and we had come to the conclusion that she needed to be euthanized, a tough decision to make. We hung on to her until two days before I flew to my Texas race, simply trying to delay the inevitable. Driving her to the Vet's office that morning was hard, sitting with her as the Veterinarian put her to sleep was harder, but I'm glad I was there with her.

Doreen and the boys want to get another dog real soon, but I'm not ready for that just yet. It'll happen in a few months, until then I'll take my time thinking about dogs, and breeders.

Here's a couple of photos I took just over 4yrs ago:



And here's the last family photo we have of her:


Still miss ya' girl.


Anonymous said...

Yes, she was an amazing dog. She let the boys climb on her, and rough house with her. She was so patient with them as toddlers. She would sit at the patio window with little Evan and wait for Shaun to come home. I will miss her. RD

John F said...

Pico was a very good, very smart dog. This post is sad.