Jan 29, 2014

The Emerald Isle

Aaaannndddd still catching up...

At the end of Oct we headed off on a family vacation to Ireland, home to my mom and most of my relatives. Several years have gone by since we were in Ireland, with the boys getting older the travelling is getting easier.

Nice setup on the big plane. Reading Tyler Hamiltons 'The Secret Race' on my Asus Zenbook.

As always, the arrival in Ireland required a trip to the Omagh Golf and Country Club for a pint of Guinness.

First pint of Guinness.

My mom had arranged for a nice cottage on the outskirts of Omagh, in a small village called Killyclogher. Doesn't get much more Irish than that.

The boys in front of the cottage.

Our days were mixed, sometimes we would jump on the bikes my cousin Ciara had lent us, and ride into town to hit the library so the boys could read and I could get work done.

Getting used to looking the wrong way on the bike.

Getting some work done in the Omagh Public Library.

Sometimes I would break bikes, apparently they weren't designed for singlespeed mashing.

No wonder I like singlespeeds, a $75 invoice to fix my cousin's bike.  It was not prepared for singlespeed mashing.

Sometimes we would tour the local region.

Ulster heritage Park.

Checking out Dunluce Castle.

Bushmills Distillery.

Evan on top of the Knockmany Cairn.

Great light in the Knockmany Forest.

Great light on the church at the top of Omagh town.

We ate and drank, a lot.

Belfast Black

Great lunch at the Bushmills Hotel.

First phase of the pour.

Insanely good.

A surprisingly good British IPA.

Hard to beat the take out fish and chips.

Line up those Guinness.

Mmmmmmm buttah.

Seriously good homemade veggie soup (and mandatory Guinness).

These chips are so bad it's hard to describe.

We celebrated Evan's birthday, and enjoyed an Irish Halloween.

Evan opening his b-day presents.

How about all those mustaches.

Most of all, we just hung out.

Evan dealing with the coal for the fire.

Evan learning to start the fireplace.

The Irish nightclub scene has begun.

And the night continues.

Playing with Uncle Brian.

Outside my mom's cottage.

Guinness, check. In an Irish pub, check. Next to a coal fireplace? Check.

Heading off to a castle.

The boys soaking up the love from my Aunt Maureen.

Just got outwitted by my crafty wee cousin.

Cause you know, the Guinness needs to be chased by a by a bit of take out.

Too many stories to tell. Loads of quality time. A great trip. Before we knew it we were headed back to Canada.

And so it begins.

The plane hasn't moved off the Calgary tarmac and the boys are already in deep REM.

And spending a couple of days in Kelowna.

Near the waterfront in Kelowna.

Waffle madness.

When the pourover gets misplaced, it's time to get McGyver on it.

We arrived back in Rossland and started enjoying the snow.

A nice day out on the snow.

A quick break for some hot chocolate.

2hrs of this today.

Got some runs on the mountain after the racing was done.

An hour of night laps with the kids up at Blackjack. Kinda chilly so we were moving fast.

Sunny day

Yup, I cheated on this blog post. Not much writing, lot's of images. But at least I'm almost caught up.