Random condensed thoughts...

We've been staying busy through this year's winter. The start of classic and skate skiing became a reality when we had most of the Blackjack Jackrabbits coaches over for a pre-season get together.

Skier development coaches meeting at our house, planning for future Olympians.

Pretty soon we were doing night skate skiing in the moonlight.

The boys were working on technique with their coaches, while I skied with the full moon.

And the boys were racing and getting on podiums.

Evan standing on the start line. Keegan raced in the next group. Both boys got on the podium.

Christmas came and went, Santa sat down in his office to set up a couple of Chromebooks for the boys.

Santa is busy setting up these two silver devices.

I continued to ride my Orbea Alma's.

Hard packed singletrack goodness.

Beauty day.

Day and night.

Upside down photos aren't cool, so I'm reposting this image of a great day on the snow.

A great night ride, trails all to myself.

Cold temperatures require warm beverages. Not sure why people insist on drinking bad coffee, when you can drink good coffee.

Maybe a bit too much milk.

When I got tired of drinking warm beverages, I drank cold ones.

Dry hopped sour ale, should have bought two.

Time in the tracks was fun this year.

Out in the tracks with the boys.

There's lots to see, if you look.


Hard to beat this.

Great view off the top of KC Ridge.

On a gorgeous sunny winter day.

Hoarfrost on today's ride.

Dave and Julie came out to Rossland, to get in some quality winter singletrack.

So we started like this.

And some of this.

That went to this.

Top of KC Ridge, getting it done again.

Dave wrestled with a tree, the tree won.

Is it supposed to look like that?

Evan raced the John Heintz Cup as a Solo racer again, here's how he did last year. I shadowed him throughout the race just to make sure he was ok through all the stages, so inspiring to watch him dig deep. It's a tough race as a Solo competitor, part racing/part gear organization and transition point optimization. This is some of the gear starting to get piled up on race morning.

The beginning of the gear organization for John Heinz Cup.

On the way up to the top of Red for the start of the race, it's a downhill ski to the base lodge.

Evan getting his game face on for his Solo effort

Followed by the bike race stage, then a skate ski stage, then a snowshoe stage.

Evan pounding out the snowshoe run portion after the ski off the mountain, the icy bike portion and the XC ski leg.

The last stage being the run.

Blazing the run, Evan was crushing it.

This year Evan was the only kid racing Solo, he improved on his time by almost 25%, a huge bump.

Evan at the awards ceremony, the only Solo kid racer. He did so awesome knocking 10 minutes off his last year's Solo results.

Skiing in the day.

Sunny day at Red.

Tracks in the evening.

More track time.

More tracks at night.

20cms of fresh over the last two days have made thing challenging.

And some more racing.

Blackjack Loppet.

More skate racing.

And some hard work up Ophir Dam loop.

Working hard up the Ophir Dam loop.

Sunny days.

More classic.

Not as sunny days.

Another nice night for some XC skiing. The boys are getting faster.

Throw in some mixed martial arts to break up the winter routine.

The boys working the pads.

As long as it doesn't interfere with tree skiing.

Some tree skiing.

Or some steep skiing.

Dropping in.

It's been a great winter season so far, with lots more skiing at Blackjack and Red Mountain to come. In the next few days I'll get my thoughts posted up on my race a couple of weeks ago at 24hrs of Old Pueblo (Arizona). Till then...